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Metolius Enhanced Fund 2.5X

Metolius Capital, LLC

Company Overview

Metolius Capital LLC is a Commodity Trading Advisor serving the investment needs of institutional investors, family offices and qualified private investors. Metolius is a systematic global macro futures fund combining a macro/fundamental approach with price based statistics to create trades. While price is always the final arbiter, we believe the unique mix of our approach to the analysis of the market, provides diversification and less concentration risk than the traditional CTA model. The strategy uses highly liquid futures contracts, providing transparency and scalability through a team of experienced individuals. The program was launched in June 2010 with $33 million of partners’ capital. Today, this dedication continues with the partners accounting for more than half of the total assets under management. We invest significantly in infrastructure and resources to meet the exacting standards of our investors. The models are diversified across markets, sectors and time frames which we feel represents a unique combination of uncorrelated logical and quantitative ideas.

Fund Strategy

The Metolius Enhanced fund trades pari passu to the Metolius Master fund, yet offers leverage of 2.5x.

Quick Facts

  • Global Macro » Systematic Global Macro
Inception Date: 2015-06
Monthly Performance Data:
Apr -2.74%

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