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Fund Strategy

We offer a disciplined, long-term discretionary investment strategy, besides offering customized portfolios. We have been running two listed equity sub-strategies, namely India Undervalued and India Underserved, since 2010. Our India Undervalued sub-strategy is typically a collection of our 10-20 best value ideas, all of which coherently fit with our value, forensic and fundamental framework. This sub-strategy seeks to capitalize on value dislocations through identifiable catalysts. Our India Underserved sub-strategy focuses on companies that have, in our view, the largest real business upside (to come in line with G7 levels) within listed equities. These companies, in our view, are ones with the most sustainable business models. Many constituents under this sub-strategy are discretionary in nature and may exhibit cyclicality like any other cyclical name. However, more often than not, each cyclical peak and trough for such business models will likely be higher than prior cycles. These names are then screened using our value and forensic screens to be identified for further fundamental due diligence. Our goal, at any given time, is to have a diversified set of businesses that are well placed within their ecosystem, given the domestic and international environment. We are now offering these two sub-strategies in a combined book, Metis Opportunity Fund, which is typically comprised of 15-35 positions.

Quick Facts

  • Directional » Equity Long Bias
Inception Date: 2011-00
Monthly Performance Data:
May 0.99%

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