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Opalesque was formed in 2001 to provide professional news services to participants in the alternative investment sector. Since inception, Opalesque has been providing premium online information services related to the hedge fund and investment industries. The Opalesque publication Alternative Market Briefing is the only daily hedge fund news service read by the elite hedge fund managers themselves (see our Testimonial page for more )


Opalesque is led by Matthias Knab, an internationally recognized expert on hedge funds and alternatives. Mr. Knab has frequently served as chairman of hedge fund conferences in New York, Greenwich, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Miami, Bahamas, Stockholm, Dubai etc. In addition, he has presented or moderated at hedge fund events in London, Geneva, Zurich, Singapore, Sydney, Cape Town, Madrid, Moscow, Sao Paolo, San Francisco, Toronto, Cayman Islands, Auckland and Bombay, and lectured at numerous universities on the subjects of hedge funds and the state of the global alternative asset management industry.


After having been in the IT and consultancy business since 1988, in the year 2000 Matthias Knab started to publish a pioneering newsletter "Industry Report" which was focusing on the ascent of Electronic Trading within the online brokerage industry. It was at that time when he started to establish his first links into the hedge fund industry and became aware about the need of a daily, independent and encompassing news service on this thriving industry.


About Emerging Manager Database

The OSOL Emerging Managers Database is an extremely niche and specialised database of Emerging Hedge Fund Managers, and access is available to Institutional Investors such as Funds of Funds, Family Offices, Pension Funds and UHNWI globally. Emerging Managers that have funds included in the Emerging Managers Database will get exposure to Institutional Investors who are actively looking to invest in Emerging Managers.


About Alternative Market Briefing

For the price of just two "grande caffè latte" per month, the widely acclaimed Alternative Market Briefing premium news service from Opalesque can be yours to enjoy every day!

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With over 40,000 subscribers, Alternative Market Briefing is the largest global daily publication for professionals dealing with hedge funds. Our Alternative Market Briefings are published online on the website which can be accessed only by subscribers with a valid subscription. Only an indicative email with headlines, but without news body texts will be sent out to announce the new publication of the Briefing. New subscribers are advised to register here.


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