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Shaked Opportunity Fund

Shaked Capital Advisors

Company Overview

Shaked Capital Advisors manages several vehicles for investment in the public and private markets and hedge funds, including Shaked Opportunity Fund, a fund of hedge funds. www.ShakedCapital.com.

Fund Strategy

Shaked Opportunity Fund allocates capital dynamically and optimally to a portfolio of high performing, emerging (generally with an operating history of several years and/or assets under management of less than $1 billion) hedge funds, with complementary diversification among: (a) market correlations and betas (expected appreciation of assets relative to markets), (b) investment strategies including long/short fundamental, event driven, relative value, arbitrage and statistical, (c) assets including debt, equity, derivatives, commodities and currencies and (d) geographies including developed and emerging markets. Shaked Opportunity Fund and the hedge funds in which it invests share the following objectives: (a) superior capital appreciation in bull, bear, inclining, declining and directionless markets, (b) reasonable volatility and drawdown (peak to trough decline in value), (c) capital preservation, (d) high liquidity with liquid assets and loose redemption provisions and (e) maximum security against malfeasance and fraudulent mishandling of investor funds via services of reputable custodians, administrators, prime brokers, tax accountants, auditors and legal counsel. www.ShakedCapital.com

Quick Facts

  • Funds of Funds » Funds of Funds
Inception Date: 2011-09
Monthly Performance Data:
Feb 2.2%

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