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FQS Alternatives Multi Manager Long Short Series LP

FQS Capital Partners LLP

Company Overview

FQS is an alternative investment specialist with a unique quantitative heritage.

The firm is led by Dr. Robert J. Frey, a former managing director of Renaissance Technologies, one of the world's most successful hedge funds. He is renowned for his research, experience and success in quantitative asset management.

FQS analyses and invests in hedge funds using innovative tools and techniques. We combine academic theory with practice and make substantial ongoing investments in R&D. Our mathematical and technological expertise allows us to better understand, rank and optimise hedge fund risk and returns.

We conduct comprehensive quantitative, qualitative and operational analysis to fully assess investment opportunities.

We help our clients to better understand where and how they are invested, and improve the chance of them achieving their investment objectives. The services we offer include advisory and analytics, bespoke solutions, and fund of hedge fund vehicles.

Fund Strategy

The Long Short Equity Series LP allocates its assets exclusively to underlying managers who employ a Long Short Equity strategy. The Fund is a concentrated
portfolio investing in up to 12-20 underlying funds. It seeks to generate positive absolute returns while aiming to deliver a return profile with a compelling
Sharpe ratio with some correlation to the broader market indices.

Quick Facts

  • Directional » Equity Long/Short
Inception Date: 2016-07
Monthly Performance Data:
Mar 0.28%

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