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Brookdale Equity Long/Short Fund, L.P.

Brookdale Capital Management, LLC

Company Overview

Brookdale Capital Management, LLC and its affiliates (the “Firm” or “Brookdale”) is a Dallas-based investment manager established by Mr. Adnan Rehmatullah on July 10, 2014. The Firm is registered as a minority-owned enterprise and an investment advisor with the State of Texas.

The Firm provides investment management services to its flagship fund, Brookdale Equity Long/Short Fund, L.P., and Brookdale Equity Fund, L.P. The latter is a newly-launched, long-only fund which mirrors the long positions of the Firm’s flagship fund. In addition, the Firm manages several separately managed accounts that mirror the flagship fund.

Brookdale also provides discretionary and non-discretionary investment advisory services to select family offices and institutional investors. The advisory business is a very small part of the Firm’s operations and is limited to existing clients only. Advisory services are not an ongoing offering for Brookdale.

Prior to establishing the Firm in July 2014, the investment team managed proprietary capital in a segregated entity using a substantially similar investment strategy as the Firm’s current flagship fund. The audited track record of the segregated entity is from January 2012 to April 2014.

Mercer Park, L.P., a New York-based family office led by Jon Sandelman, and its affiliates (“Mercer Park”), hold a minority interest in Brookdale. Mercer Park and Brookdale entered into a strategic relationship on June 1, 2016. In exchange for a minority interest in Brookdale, Mercer Park will provide financial, operational and advisory support for up to 36 months.

Fund Strategy

Brookdale Equity Long/Short Fund, L.P. employs a liquid strategy utilizing a hybrid of fundamental and quantitative investment principles focused on U.S. defensive sectors, specifically consumer staples and healthcare (excluding biotech and insurance companies). Stock selection is driven by fundamentals, while portfolio construction and position sizing are objective, quantitative and structured.
Portfolio-level exposures are generally static; long market value is 100% of NAV, short market value is 50% of NAV and net market value is 50% of NAV. Although the investment manager can be described as “active” with regards to trading and rotating positions, sector and aggregate exposures have remained consistent since the strategy’s inception.

Quick Facts

  • Directional » Equity Long/Short
Inception Date: 0000-01
Monthly Performance Data:
Apr -2.79%

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