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Ogee Structured Opportunities, Ltd.

Ogee Group LLC

Company Overview

Ogee Group LLC (previously Ogee Consulting) is a startup company based in New York City which is active in investment management and software development.

Fund Strategy

Ogee Structured Opportunities, Ltd. is an investment fund launched April 1st, 2013 following an original strategy aiming to deliver superior returns over a medium term horizon.
The strategy utilizes:
* Low-risk securities such as cash and investment-grade bonds, consuming the capital (the "beta layer");
* Long and short positions in equity derivative securities, boosting returns (the "alpha layer");​
* Equity-linked notes and certificates combining both beta and alpha layers.

Quick Facts

  • Relative Value » Volatility
Inception Date: 2013-04
Monthly Performance Data:
Sep -0.54%

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