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Adamah Diversified Sectors Program

Adamah Capital LLC

Company Overview

Adamah Capital is a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) registered with the NFA (National Futures Association) that specializes in alternative investment strategies, managed futures, commodities, and other diversified investment strategies.

Fund Strategy

Adamah's Diversified Sector program combines concepts of post-Modern Portfolio Theory, rigorous risk management, and robust quantitative trading systems. The program applies machine-learning techniques and achieves diversification from both timeframe and market sectors.

The Diversified Sector program focuses on intermediate to long-term trends, with short-term approaches to improve diversification and minimize drawdown volatility. The program applies the same approach as Adamah's Diversified program & trades the major sectors (subset of the markets) to achieve broad diversification and a lower account size.

Quick Facts

  • CTA » Multi-Asset
Inception Date: 2011-03
Monthly Performance Data:
Sep 1.7%

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