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Waratah One X Fund

Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd.

Company Overview

Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd. is a Toronto, Canada based risk adjusted return investment manager founded by Brad Dunkley and Blair Levinsky in 2010. Our goal is to consistently compound wealth and protect against loss. Waratah combines intensive research driven stock selection with a disciplined and robust risk management program. Waratah manages assets across various equity long/short strategies including hedged income, market neutral and a concentrated best ideas portfolio.

Fund Strategy

Waratah One X is a highly diversified, low net long/short portfolio of North American equity securities that is an automated scaling of the Waratah One fund. As such, the fund employs the same research driven stock selection, dynamic portfolio construction and active factor management as Waratah One. Although the fund will be more volatile than Waratah One, its objective is to compound returns with significantly lower volatility and drawdowns than North American equity markets.

Quick Facts

  • Directional » Equity Long/Short
Inception Date: 2017-02
Monthly Performance Data:
Jun 0.3%

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