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Company Overview

Macromoney UK Ltd, the Investment Advisor, has been appointed to provide asset management services to the Investment Manager in respect of the Fund, Macromoney Global Investments Ltd., pursuant to the Investment Advisory Agreement. The Investment Advisor is an appointed representative of the Investment Manager, Sapia Partners, an entity which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Fund Strategy

Macromoney, founded in 2013, is a Global Macro fund with Equity Bias focused on concentrated investments in securities, futures and options listed on the main stock exchanges.

For achieving absolute returns in all market conditions, we have developed a proprietary model that applies a quantitative approach to macroeconomic data to evaluate main economic trends. These trends are then explored through a bottom-up approach to selected asset classes.

We believe that alpha may only be generated from independent thinking, that is why the 20 years of the fund manager investment experience are complemented by the internet community of financial professionals, research firms and industry specialists that we consider to be an incredible source of investment ideas. These different sources condense a considerable amount of innovative investment opportunities that allow us to constantly question commonly accepted hypotheses in order to seize opportunities hidden off the beaten track.

Our philosophy, always managing risk above all else, accepts a certain grade of short term market volatility as a necessary measure to achieve a consistent and higher return in the long term.

Quick Facts

  • Global Macro » Multi Strategy
Inception Date: 2013-01
Monthly Performance Data:
Nov 0.01%

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