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Silverdale Fund SP-1

Silverdale Capital Pte Ltd

Company Overview

The Silverdale Team has been involved in over USD 4 billion of investments by marquee investors (such as Goldman Sachs and Lehman Bros), including managing over USD 500 million of investments with controlling stakes. The Silverdale Fund invests in liquid (listed) securities, has generated superior than market returns since inception.

Fund Strategy

The investment objective of Silverdale Fund SP-1 a.k.a. Silverdale Bond Fund (Segregated Portfolio 1 of Silverdale Fund SPC) is to generate superior absolute returns, in all market conditions, with minimal risks, and provide regular income distributions.To seek its Investment Objective, Silverdale Bond Fund is actively managed and invests into fixed income securities, especially those of emerging markets. To achieve its Investment Objective, to reduce risk, or to manage the fund more efficiently the Silverdale Bond Fund can invest into all financial and economic contracts, inter alia any bond (rated or unrated), note, debenture, participation in unit trust scheme investing only in fixed income securities, futures, options, fixed interest security, money market instruments, forward currency exchange contracts or any other security or derivative, including but not limited to OTC (over the counter) instruments
The Fund may use leverage where the Investment Manager believes that the use of leverage may enable the Fund to achieve a higher rate of return for Class-E Shares without taking undue risk. The Fund seeks to invest primarily in instruments which, in its view, have reasonable liquidity but may also invest in less liquid instruments, where forecast returns in respect of a given situation are deemed by it to be high relative to those available in more liquid instruments. Derivatives may be used to achieve the investment objective and to reduce risk or manage the fund more efficiently.The investments are restricted to securities with residual duration of less than 3 years. The investments are primarily into investment grade bonds of companies with resilient cash flows.
In order to enhance the returns, leverage is frequently taken. However, the leverage is strictly ring fenced at wholly owned
subsidiary level (without recourse to the parent fund). There is no leverage at fund level. Most of the investments are into listed bonds, few investments are into structured products (for instance) to benefit from ad hoc arbitrage opportunities. Typically, the exposure to local currency debt is hedged.

Quick Facts

  • Relative Value » Fixed Income
Inception Date: 0000-07
Monthly Performance Data:
Aug 4.05%

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